Barbie Balaskio, Briggs alum, in the emergency room as a doctor

芭比balasko '08 - 急诊医学居民


Alvin Davis spots and coaches a gymnast

阿尔文·戴维斯'08 - tumbledoctor首席执行官


Angie Goodman, by a water tap

安吉(皮尔森)古德曼'94 - 水质管理员

I graduated from 莱曼网上赌钱平台 with a Biology Degree. My degree gave me the foundation to take me places I never thought I would go. I started my career with an independent environmental laboratory preparing samples. This experience gave me the opportunity to become a chemist at the Lansing Board of Water & Light (BWL) in our state certified laboratory monitoring drinking water. The BWL offers many environmental positions which allowed me to use my education and expand my skill set. I moved from a chemist to a project management position where I oversaw projects such as our Water Energy Efficiency, Fluoridation and Plug-in Electric Vehicle Grants. In my current position, I work to ensure the water provided to our customers is great tasting, clean, and safe.

Paraj Mandrekar

paraj mandrekar '93 - 生物技术研究员

I am a Senior Research Scientist in the Genetic Identity team at Promega Corporation. I specialize in sample extraction, and paramagnetic particle based nucleic acid isolation systems. Throughout a 16 year career in Research and Development at Promega Corporation, I have been involved in the publication of 20 original articles, and the design and development of 20 commercial products, mostly in the area of extraction and isolation of DNA from forensic samples. Two of these products received the R&D 100 Award in 2002. I received a Bachelor's degree in Microbiology from 莱曼网上赌钱平台 at Michigan State University, and a Masters' degree in Genetics from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Sarah Navarro holding a macaw

萨拉·纳瓦罗'99 - 课程经理

I graduated from 莱曼网上赌钱平台 in 1999 with a bachelor's degree is Animal Behavior & Neurobiology. I then went on to earn my masters in Animal Behavior from MSU. In 2001, I joined the Education Department at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden where I currently manage the development of education program curriculum. I love that this position allows me to build relationships with our animal ambassadors and, through them and the Zoo's exhibits, connect children of all ages to nature, inspiring wonder and a passion for wildlife and wild places. I feel lucky that this position also allows me to instruct graduate courses through the Earth Expeditions program, sharing immersive, participatory learning experiences with other educators in amazing places such as Belize and Namibia.

Kendra Snyder

肯德拉·斯奈德'05 - 科学公关


Ed Tillett
ED蒂利特'03 - 职业顾问

我参与的莱曼布里格斯学生的水平帮助我发现学生事务的领域。我从LBC毕业,学位生理于2003年,而我在真人赌博游戏健康通讯追求我的硕士学位,我成为居住生活助理大厅主任。我制定了与学生工作,并于2006年,艺术大师毕业后一种激情,我继续在真人赌博游戏居住生活和得克萨斯大学工作。目前,我在真人赌博游戏职业服务网络上工作 多元化推广举措和优先事项。我在校园的学生,学生组织和雇主共同支持的第一个目的地成果和成功。 我不会在这里,今天我没有我在LBC经验。